1. To use depilation in Waxroom, provide at the reception, a mobile phone with the data registered in the system: name, surname and phone number, and sign the consent to perform the procedure (“I declare that I have read the Customer Card and known to contraindications for the service, rules of procedure before and after the service and possible negative effects of waxing.”) and RODO.

2. You decide if you want your data to be processed for marketing purposes (e.g. receiving information about promotions organized by Waxroom).

3. We do service minors only after signing the guardian’s consent in the Customer Card.

4. Before each depilation, inform your beautician about medications taken and cosmetic face and body treatments (in particular those containing vitamin A and all vitamin A derivatives, acne ointments and creams, acid treatments, exfoliating treatments).

5. Do not use a solarium or sauna at least two days before waxing.

6. Remember to use body scrub regularly (minimum 3 times a week), especially the day before waxing.

7. If this is your first waxing, we recommend performing an allergy test a minimum of 2 days before the procedure. You can do depilation without an allergy test, but we are not responsible for any consequences (e.g. allergies, pimples).


8. Waxing can be invasive, so when the skin is tanned (e.g. after tanning), more sensitive (e.g. after sauna) or particularly irritated for other reasons, when using Brazilian hair removal, the epidermis may break or burns.

9. Remember that during waxing all parts of the body, the epidermis may break, which may be the result of abnormal skin condition or hair character. This does not have to be the result of improper hair removal.

10. Waxing can cause skin irritation which, with proper care, should go away after a few days. In some cases, depending on individual health and sensitivity of the skin, waxing, despite proper implementation, can cause wounds, scars, pustules, skin allergies and other skin diseases.

11. For satisfactory waxing effects, your hair should be between 0.3 cm and 0.6 cm long. If your hair is longer, don’t worry – we’ll cut it. 🙂

12. Remember to moisturize the skin all over the body to keep it in the best condition. You can apply a lotion or oil before depilation – we still disinfect every part of the body that is being epilated before the procedure.


1. Peel the skin only three or four days after waxing.

2. Avoid excessive exercise for two days to avoid inflammation and redness.

3. After epilating your underarms, avoid antiperspirants and alcohol-based perfumes for one day to avoid skin irritation and discoloration.

4. You can use the sauna and swimming pool two days after the treatment and the solarium four or five days after the treatment.

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